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The beginning...

Crazy Birds ClubhouseTM is a fun place to be. 


Two of the main members are Bubbles and Alfalfa ™. 


Bubbles is a smart-mouthed canary and Alfalfa is a big-eared gerbil.  They were both born in Larry's Pet Shop. 


When Bubbles is bought by Mery, who lives mostly in a fantasy land, Alfalfa sneaks into the house so the two friends can stay together.


And the adventures begin!


Once Alfalfa figured out how to unlock Bubbles' cage and turn on Mery's computer, Bubbles learned to type and began writing their story.

        IT'S ME!


I'm a triplet.  I was born with a brother and a sister.


I'm a bit different for a canary.  I can chirp, talk AND type all at the same time.


Just  after we were born, my brother and sister were bought by a family who owned an ostrich farm.  They said they wanted to expand their horizons.  I'm still not sure what that means.


A few months later, a Portuguese canary breeder bought my mother so I was alone in the cage. 


I mostly had fun by staring at customers to see if I could win a staring contest.  I also had a swing that I spent a lot of time on.


Then I met my friend, Alfalfa.  He's a gerbil.  Things got a lot more interesting.


Mery came into the picture.  She saw me in the Pet Shop window and decided to take me home and Alfalfa snuck out and followed us home.  She doesn't know Alfalfa lives there.


At first we thought Mery was a bit nutty, but now we think she is completely insane.




I was left behind by mistake when I fell asleep under the cage litter and my whole family – my mom, my dad and my eight brothers and sisters - went home with a couple of artists who liked making paintings of animals.


I didn't mind being alone.  I've always been pretty independent.


I have extra-large ears which are great for hearing things you're not supposed to. 


Sometimes that confuses people.  They don't know what to think and I have been mistaken for a rabbit.  I like being different.


Living at Mery's house is like living in a giant, whirling tornado.  You never know what is going to happen. 


It takes a while, but once you get used to her craziness, you can work around it.

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