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 B = Answered by Bubbles         A = Answered by Alfalfa



Q.  How many different types of canaries are there?

B.   Lots! But there is only one me!


Q.   Is it true that gerbils eat their young.

A.   Yup! I did have an uncle Hairold who did that twice so, for sure, I would say yes.


Q.   Do canaries like winter?

B.   I can’t speak for all canaries, but me personally, once you’ve seen one snowman, you’ve pretty much seen them all, so I don’t see any need to freeze your tail feathers off standing outside in the white stuff.  Plus you can guess the only thing that I shovel…  (if you can’t, just look at the bottom of my cage)


Q.  Why does Bubbles have a green tuft on top of his head.

B.  Because.


Q.  Why are Alfalfa’s ears so big?

A.  Because.


Q.  Can you sing?

A.  Me, no.  Gerbils are really not known for their singing voices. 

     Oh, you mean Bubbles. 

B.  Yeah, let me take that one. I can – unless you put me down a mine shaft, cause that would kind of put a damper on things. Pretty sure some of my ancestors had that charming experience.


Q.  What’s your favourite thing to eat?
B.  Steak
A.  Chicken nuggets.
B.  What?!! That’s like family, sort of.
A.  Sorry, meant steak.

B.  Ok. 

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